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World of Veracity

Unveiling the Layers behind…

World of Truth is the world which is contrast to the world in which we are dwelling.

Every coin has two faces just like the world in which we are living has two faces, one face is outrageously visible before your eyes and the other is the face which is hidden in layers, generally people see the outer world and get easily carried away by the pomp & show of the outer face of the world very few gets a chance to see and understand the inner layers of the crude reality of this World.

The person who never gets into the World of Reality is a Man who always believes in well decorated falseness which is far from the hardcore reality of the world.

Our understanding about the world is based on our perception…Here comes the difference between Reality and Perception: Every person has their own pattern of perception; our perception is highly depending upon the level of our understanding. We have been seeing, listening and grasping the things from the outer world and our perception slowly becomes the blend of those things.

World of reality is distant if we are not ready to see things by going much beyond our perception.

Once if we touch the reality then we will get to know how the world functions and the view of life becomes more visible to us. On the very same day we will reach on the destiny of stint of our life.

The person living in Reality will become the man of Honour and Power, Power will empower a person and enumerate person with the law of Silence…Power is always silent and a Powerful person is a man who understands the law of nature.

Silent creeper is more deadly than a noisy hunter with a gun…!!!

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