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Butterfly moments

Sound of rain sprinkling on my window pane reminds me that everything in life comes with ellipses. If one day ends in distress, a ray of beautiful sunshine awaits us the next day.

We only need to change how we see things. Once the moment arrived, our lives change.

Stop being so perfect for everyone while you're failing to be happy for yourself.

Though happiness is indeed different for different people. But if we have some moments of silence and talk to ourselves before we let anyone influence our idea of happiness.

You would know that you're having butterfly moments...

when your problems don't bother you anymore

when you build boundaries for toxic people

when you feel complete within without needing anyone

when you stop chasing the right paths or perfect scenarios

when you stop trying to fit in the society

You are growing when you realize that things can get messy around you, but you are at peace within yourself.

There is so much to explore in what we see. There is much to experience in every failure. There is much to love in every person we have been knowing for ages...

Open your heart

We just need to open our hearts to find those little things and believing that life is coming our way...

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