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Answers are circumstantial. Flow is flawless. #writerlife #fridayfeels #wordporn #urbansanyas

Losses… teach you to be stronger and keep on inculcating till the time you learn the art of enduring pain, consoling soul and asking time for desires. They say, failure is a good teacher but an intermediate loss could teach you the hardest lesson of life, enough to break you down in pieces and intense to bring you back together.


When the moment will come, remember to rise above the troubled waters.

Choose to heal when it is still bleeding. Choose to grow irrespective of constant adversities. Choose to stay regardless of simultaneous heartbreaks.

The world may doubt your sanity but that’s okay. All that matters is how you see yourself in the mirror of life. You still choose to spark when the nights are dark. And life will choose you when the time is less. When you feel people don’t understand you, choose to ignore.

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