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Story of An Independence Day & A Journey that Never Began

A journey is yet to begin from An Independence Day to Happy Independence Day!

On this day, i dream for India which is free from Communal rights, Racism, Regionalism, Injustice, and primarily wherein girls will be treated with respect.

For me, it’s not a HAPPY independence day, it’s just an another day. Because the martyrs who fought for the freedom, certainly did not imagine & battle for the kind of India, we have made it today.

Freedom is yet to come…

For the true freedom, the battle is much harder. We can prefix the HAPPY word with this day, when people change their mindsets, when people stop discriminating on the basis of class, religion or region, when people start acting to restore the dignity of women, when people stop being silent and bearing something wrong, when people do or fight for the justice, when Eid would also be celebrated like Diwali, when people migrate to any city across India without fear, when there won’t be any border inside India.

A simple thought . A simple message to inspire millions of Indians in the hope that we bestow a better Happy Independence Day to our kids.

But i would say that there is a really long wait ahead. . . till then the shout of politics will take over the silence of the logical India!

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