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Searching for the Origin…

The origin, from where we rise, from where we begin… Everyone that grows naturally must have their origin in life.

An individual who has the blend of positive attributes, If the attributes of a person becomes his/her attire in life then the life will become a fantabulous journey in itself… keep Attempting for gaining the attributes is what is all about .We have to create, gain and then exhibit our attributes to others so that people can give tribute to your attributes. The individual who has all the attributes of a winner is a worth living thing in this world. Our life is originated from a stem…We all have something unique but to find that uniqueness and grow on that is a pretty much tougher task for anyone in this world…

Mountains are far away if you think that it is out of reach, but the persons who are climbing the mountains for them it is adventures pathway to walk on…. Deciding and doing is sometime turns out into two different pathways in life…. Many people decide something else and spent doing something else in their whole life. The gap lying between is that they forget their intrinsic stem in life… Doing requires countless effort and pain, but now day s people are carried away by the easy way out…

Things are easier said than done…!!!

Most of the people are not acquainted of their own stem and rest doesn’t even aware about from where they can originate…. Rise… and begin. We grow, we attempt, we gain …the attributes in life. Attributes that are hidden but needs to be searched to grow in life.

Lucky people get the opportunity and brave people creates the opportunity…!!!

A lot of people spoilt their whole life on just concentrating on their self that is why they doesn’t learn the attributes of the nature, Nature which is absolute… which is divine. We are avoiding the big ventures of nature which is around all over the world; we are just spoiling, toiling, and coiling our lives.

Why, Where & How is the origin hided itself. Life is stuck because the origin and real stem is lost, its somewhere hidden in our weaknesses… We are so muddled in a spider net made by us only.

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