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Romantic Reminders

| A Romantic Reminder | A Thought to Ponder | Love is something that makes life easy. For a romantic reminder, you don’t always need a companion to feel the power of love. Not everyone is fortunate to have love in life but that does not mean that their hearts are empty with love.

Love makes it going and turns the tough into easy. We should not be wrapped up in oneself and expecting to have everything on our plate. And then we spend all our lives in waiting to receive love.  That’s vain!

A romantic reminder could be a happy romantic song, a movie, a solo travel, a hobby,  a breezy morning, a rainy night, or could be something relaxing to make us feel that we are still connected with the chords of love. We could still feel good about life no matter whether we have someone to adore us at all the time or not.

Love is a harmony one needs to keep alive within oneself to never break down or feel low.

Life is love and love is the most pious feeling that has no criteria or favorable conditions. It’s like an elegant flowing river – makes its own way and makes you rise through all the mountains or storms…

Start afresh by not telling yourself what love is. Simply rewind the romantic in you and drool in the ocean of love.

P.S. We can’t make everything right or change our lives, but can lead a life abundant in love. Love is hidden in the little things around. So, have faith on your journey and remember that love has a deep sync with life.

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