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Road to glory

I searched my brain instead of my mind for this title… “Road to Glory’’, Here I have written the word “glory” which means honor and fame, Glory is the contrast of the word Gloomy. Don’t you think that it sounds similar Glory and Gloomy..? But there is a huge parallel gap between them. One of them can become your destiny…it’s all up to you that what you want to do with your life.

It simply means open the road of glory instead of gloomy. Because, now the time come when we are putting on the path of a real time work. Discover the glory by accepting the change within you.

You are the decider either you choose the road that will take you to the happiness or the road that will take you to the gloominess.

There are some interesting keys to unlock the path of “Fame” , “Name”, “Game” ,NOT SHAME…J

Welcome the Change

Start challenging your self, your battle is with you only. Get a victory over your inner self; this will help you to get the success in life. When every new shot of yours is better than your past shot, then you will realize that you are finding the errors and correcting them for your well being. Destroy your past self and create a new self. It involves transformation of a person to a personality. It leads to independent self growth.

Don’t Copy, Do Create..!!!

Coping and cheating are the traits of a fake person. Stay away from them…!!!

Creation is the quality of a real person. Genius persons don’t copy; they create things so that a mediocre can copy them and show the fake smartness to others. Let me give you a simplest instance of this, to make you understand more, nobody can be able to secure top scores by cheating in exams. Cheaters are pretend to be good, but in reality they are useless… worthless…Failures ….and their brain is always on rest i.e idle 24 hours.

Don’t behave like a puppet, learn to command..!!

Learn to manage people and make yourself capable to see the quality even in their demerits. Every person has some flaws and to use their flaws in favor of flawless quality work is the abilities of a good leader. Do not act as a puppet; remember puppets can’t create anything except entertainment…..!!!

Get connected with your inner being

If you are having any problem, don’t look at the faces of others for help. Start helping yourself, all the solution of your problems is inside you. So establish a connection with your inner being and get all the answers of your questions. It will enhance your personality by time.

Be curious

Always be curious to all the things around you, learn new things every minute if you get a chance to learn. Otherwise, you will become a senseless or a monotonous person. Be open to new things and challenges. That will help you to become a complete person.

Be prepared

There are two types of persons one who pretend to be prepared and another who doesn’t need to pretend because they are actually prepared for new challenges .Life is a challenge in itself. One has to be prepared for it, and take over the challenge. Then only they can unlock the path of glory.

Be responsible and manage yourself.

You must know how to react according to the situation and make yourself able to fulfill the need of every situation. Let me tell you a very interesting example of this, it will help you to understand me better. Like if you are running a business and abruptly a fatal accident will happened with one of your worker.

What will you do.. ?? How will you react…???

In such type of situation, you don’t get any time for planning and plotting that what should be done and what should not be….It demands Action Station. And it is your responsibility to deal with such type of situations. Life never comes with planning …future is uncertain. You don’t know what is going to happen in a fraction of seconds. So, you must need to develop responsibility this will help you to deal such type of situations. There are many situations in life when you only left with two options Do or Die….either react efficiently or run away from the problem like a coward.

First you need to understand how to manage yourself then only you can be able to manage other things….let me tell you, the easiest way to manage yourself is by making your thoughts clear-cut and stay off from a muddled mind…. It will only misguide you.

Live life like a loin

When you mastered all these things in life ….then your life will become a victory march ….!!!

Then you will realize that you are wearing an invisible crown all the time…but remember not to turn out to be an arrogant person …Dumb people do that…

Only failures do showoff..Winners don’t need to show off their talent…!!!

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