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Rediscovering 24 Years of Growing Up!

Today, I woke up 24! Trust me, I’ve never realized how & when i’ve grown so old… Most of us just don’t realize the passing years until the birth day comes. 24 – the number is Even still giving me an Odd feeling again.

The idea of writing this blog “rediscovering 24 years of growing up” came just two days before my birthday. Guess what! The thought stumbled whilst sitting in office when i was already occupied with pending official commitments, So, i came home at 9 pm and composed myself to rediscover. This time the obvious feelings were not random. Each one is tripped thru a trail of “Realization” or I would say “Inception”.

I never realized when I turned 5, when life was not less than a Disney or Arabian nights’ tale to me. Being a freewheel, but still happy, lively and dreamer that I would do this much big when I grew big. Waking up on Sunday morning with the feeling of Ahhaan…No school today! Now at the age of 24 Sunday is never the same even if this is still an official holiday. I’m amazed the positivity and value of happiness we used to have before, Where did it vanish? How did it go? I am not able to find… Can you?

When I turned 15, my nights were confined with the nightmare of Board exams and days were with some books… though it was still fun when siting at the last bench with friends in school and chit chatting about some reckless topics but believe me at that age those were the temptation talks.

College days came and went as pouring a bag full of water on roof top when there is still raining… I even didn’t realize I am growing up … Once it got over, I started feeling that I am turning old and during a stroll on memory lane I didn’t find a single moment when I thought I’m growing up. Now when I am going to be 25 next year I feel old… The days have become busy and evenings are filled with a thought of peaceful sleep and a dream of soothing vacation break doesn’t leave me for a while.

In search of nothing, I have come so far. After reading this, you might take this blog a depiction of thousands of muddled thoughts and believe me it is… just like that … just like us.

Typically, life is not in sync with time for all of us but still it’s a journey that goes on despite our emotions, feelings and realizations at any particular time frame. We realize when it happened. Clueless moments of mundane lifestyle let us feel tangled, hopeful and nomadic.

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