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My Mind Thinks in Pictures

In this multihued world where we endlessly observe a new moment … a new situation … a new state of mind each day. This makes my mind THINK in PICTURES, moreover I believe that most of the people have this artistic tendency to visualize and conceptualize the situations, moments, interactions, and readings. Undoubtedly, what we think and ideate is certainly the outcome of what we listen or understand from this world. The signs of visualizing are artistic and invoke us to think beyond and beyond… with our imaginations alone

The imagination bubbles take us where we cannot reach literally; it is the only peculiarity about pictures in my mind. Some are faded or colorless… some are blued vintage… some are black & white… some are out of focus… some are classic film grain … truly expressing the moments I’ve experienced.

When pictures (imaginations) take the form of words, then certainly turned out to be logically impactful. So, be an explorer by comprehending pictures on your mind through words. Perceptions do matter! This is where the difference lies. Everyone in this world has his or her own perception and intensity of visualization. A true artist is the one whose mind can see what others cannot.

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