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Life is a voyage

Journey of thorns and roses…collect the roses and defeat the thorns.

Life is a voyage, it’s like we all are sitting in a one huge ship just to reach our final destination i.e. death…!!! But some people wanted to reach their destination by following a different path and for that they have to make their own boats or choose their own paths to reach their destiny, they write their own destiny using the golden ink, because they have found a true purpose in life and to reach their goals they chose another path different from the masses. The living of such creatures is worth living. They spent their lives in creating ….creating ….and then they mastered the art of living…..!!!!

Their journey never comes to an end…..!!!

Mood of life

I have written mood not mode, that too for a specific motive. As we all know that there are various modes in life but the moods of life are much more rigid to endure .Since our childhood we have been enduring various kinds of pain, Life has many faces and moods; which makes us to feel happy and sad. Some phases proved to be an agonizing in life, I sometime questioned myself that Can’t we skip these bad pages from the book of LIFE…..and the answer came…..ohhh NO Nope we can’t ….but there is a ray of light though we can’t skip but however we can learn to deal with them that too without panicking and losing hope.

To tackle the situation firstly we must develop courage .Coward people live a fearful life, they live like a rat [a tiny living being] .whenever you are facing such kind of a situation, where you are expected to generate an instant decision, Never get panicky….the best way to tackle your problem is to learn not to panic because a panicky person’s mind is nothing more than a garbage and their brain has stopped working because of their panicky behavior. As I wrote earlier, that our brain has the solution to all of our problems. So, whenever you have to deal with such situations remember to utilize your brain, and this will lead you to a perfect solution.

The person, who has the ability to tackle the moods of life, is a refined human being in itself.

Life is short and strange at the same time. So, we are left with a very less time to reveal our merits. The person who has discovered the true self can fight his fears, and harmonize the path of peace and celebration.

There is no retake in life; Life goes On and On until we are dead. So, don’t get addicted to temporal pleasures. If you tributes whole of your life to achieving your passion rather than your desires then not only you but the world will also notice a Change …..the change which changes your destiny.

This remarkable difference makes your journey an inevitable history for others…..!!!

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