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Knock Knock!!! Is Happiness There?

Have you ever asked yourself a question that What is happiness mean to you? or What makes you happy? or How you measure your happiness? Your answer would probably in “No.. Nah.. Never thought of doing such thing…”. Let me tell you the hard hitting reality that we all want to stay happy but somehow forgotten the ways to unleash the chambers of happiness, that’s why we have been searching happiness still not finding it.

Lately, I’ve seen “The Happy Page” on facebook that is illustrating multiple ways to express what happiness is. This has been an inspiring factor for me to explore more about this sorcerous word – “Happiness”. I believe happiness has a different connotation for different people like some people feel happy when they have money, others may feel happy when they have friends.

Happiness is love.. Happiness is childhood… Happiness is friendship… Happiness is travelling… Happiness is sunsets… Happiness is …… …? I’m certain that you all must have a unique sequence likewise. But do we actually find happiness ultimately?

Happiness has a P.O. Box address now!!!

In today’s mundane lifestyle when we’re busy looking out for things, people, places, and many more to make us feel happy. This is surely a short-cut street for all of us to meet the “Highness Happiness”, place your palm on your heart to knock the doors rather than taking long indirect roads to happiness.

|||Have a Heart quilted with Happiness and you will notice it lives within us and everywhere you see|||

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