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Kashmir bleeds again – A paradise into pain

What makes a 15 year old boy from a well-off family and son of a headmaster left home to join Hizbul in 2010. The countless questions are embedded in the heart of every kashmiri, unfortunately no answers are echoed but the noises of bullets getting louder and louder.

No one is a born terrorist, no one wants to leave his family at such a young age. The root cause of the problem is evidently the People in Power.  We can question but who will answer? The clear failure of government and the way armed forces are told to deal with a sensitive issue are leading the paradise into pain. The separatists are enjoying the leisure life while the young kashmiri are being diverted to guns and their innocence is symbolized as a face of militancy in Kashmir… Let’s forget about militants killing in Kashmir, can anyone has the guts to answer that why a lot of local civilian lost their lives during all those years of unrest. When the sufferings will be going to end? Who is going to answer?

Recently spotted a local newspaper about the situation in South Kashmir and the headline reads:  “Mentally, we are militants. If weapons were available, there would be more armed militants”, said an unknown young kashmiri.  A 29-year-old teacher describes Kashmir’s relationship with India as “a gone chapter”. The bridges between the two, he says, “have been burnt forever”. “The bottom line is India does not trust Kashmiris, and Kashmiris don’t trust India,” he says.

Are people in power doing justice to it? Why armed forces have come out as villain in the picture of Kashmir. If such situation may arise in any other part of India, will the armed forces take the similar steps to calm down the situation. Of course not. ‪#‎KashmirUnrest‬

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