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Jab Harry Met Sejal – Philosophical Review ~What you seek is seeking you…~

Imtiyaz Ali did that again! and this time with our very own timeless romance King ~`King Khan`~

What you seek is seeking you…

It was not a movie made to be judged as it failed to be a movie but succeeded to voice our countless unsaid feelings…

Yes, those deep feelings buried inside our hearts, most of us fail to acknowledge… some emotional connections need not to have the names. Unfortunately, society has no space for such emotional relationships. That’s the one reason behind mixed reviews about this beautiful & honest piece of work.

We live and die in a world where people around us define relationships for us, we have been taught that anything beyond, is a sin… we don’t even accept ourselves at first but that doesn’t change our feelings and how our heart responds to it…

Love finds its way, we just need to ask once – why we be in a relationship if there is no love? That’s not cheating! Trust me, if you don’t find a single reason that means you are cheating on yourself (a worst kind of self-betrayal).  Why you have not given yourself much life?  Thankfully, life is not bad either…It gives us beauty in everything we see around once we have our love by our side… Understand, it’s not money, status or society that will be with us forever. In the end, we need to be dealt with our own feelings … those feelings haunt.. and unfortunately, always gonna remain with us. Seek what is seeking you… why to stop at the speed-breakers? At the stopovers, you may find comfort for some days but not for a lifetime.

Forevers do exist. Keep your hopes high. When we believe in, it will happen and the day will be yours when you will know that someone will be worth of all the pain & the wait… Let’s live heaven on earth….

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