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Illuminating eyes

Story of eyes and its unsaid commitment. Drifting of purely hated foul . . . Unconciously admitted love . . . Eyes never lies . They say. . . They sing . . . They harmonize with your soul . . . Feel the world within the eyes of him . I still have a lingering memory of his last eyes . . . They were wide open to see me. . . Flashing the life I have. . . Silently Gazing you . . . Unfortunate my today is. . . You can’t read the tale of my fate. . . I’m materially yours till the time you will start loving me back . I am the eyes of a churning soul. . . When I close I only see naked possession dreams we saw together . . . I’m talking about the time when we used to see life in the light of each other’s soul. They are still visually rattling the woe of togetherness. . . They are in wait . . . Restless to see you again . . . This post is just a random compilation . I hope you find meaning in this. . .:P

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