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Grindhouse Films – A Cinema Unfold

Let’s discover something unusual today! how many of you heard the name of Grind house Films?

Grindhouse films are a specific style of theater movies which mostly resembles exploitation, violence and in many feature films contain sexual elements also. It was rather popular as B movies, which is considered mostly low budget and documentary type of cinema. The term “grindhouse” first came in to cinema in 1960.

The Grindhouse films were extremely low budget cult movies basically originated in America but do have appealing concepts such as zombies, bikini clad woman, entry of invaders from another planet and terrifying monsters etc. In 2007, a movie named “Grindhouse” released to again enlighten the theater of 1960s.The movie has two segments called as Death Proof and Planet Terror made a superfluous performance in cine world. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino were the two men behind the success of double featured film i.e., Grindhouse films. The offbeat approach of Grindhouse films makes it popular in all over the world. Apart the fact that movie went through the loss of more than $10 million, the movie was widely accepted by a different league as creative piece of work in cine world and received many awards. It has become the critics choice also.

During 1960s to 1970s, Grindhouse films lured the public through highlighting the concept of sexploitation and a unique kind of genre which is called pornographic nowadays. The cult concept of Grindhouse films were horror and monster centric, and even exceptionally interesting. The films were identified by the extreme emphasis of sexual content, violence and gore .For Robert Rodriguez, who has initiated the idea of these types of B movies; it was like a road less travelled. In most of the Grindhouse Films, it elicits vulnerable women roles. It was created a revolutionary niche cinema for adult viewers and started to gain enormous popularity in early 1960s. Some of the major movies are, I Spit on Your Grave, Zombi 2, Vanishing Point, Vampyros Lesbos etc. These kind of films have almost declined or rather vanished from the theater industry today.

Apart all the agreeable contribution of Grindhouse Films in theater world of 1960s to 1980s, it also depicts a number of drawbacks which later on results in declining of Grindhouse Films. It has raised the issues of offensiveness which contained soft pornography .The picture quality of Grindhouse Films were also not so pleasing and even convicted missing story reels. Gradually with the transforming of technology people have the access to watch movies while sitting at their comfort zones, the demand and craze for Grindhouse Films has vanished . People start watching B movies on VCR and DVD Players without spoiling their privacy.

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