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Euro Disneyland Paris

Loosen up your grip and relive the age of your young days all over again. Let’s heading towards the Land of imagination, excitement and amusement is what Disneyland is all about. On April 12, 1992 Disney opened a second thrilling theme parks first time outside America which was initially called as “Euro Disneyland” but later on in 1994 the name changed to Disneyland Paris. It is located in Marne-la-Vallee, France. The operational task of managing the park was given to a French company named Euro Disney S. C. A. In recent times the company has shown a tremendous increase in the turnover and the popularity of Euro Disneyland in Europe is at its very peak but the story was not same earlier as the Euro Disneyland had gone through a list of controversies and criticism regarding its name and impression of American culture in the surroundings.

Why was there a dire need of name change?

People are governed by their mores and this was the basis behind the name change of Euro Disney Land to Disneyland Paris. During the first two years of operation, Euro Disneyland was not attaining a good response from the European visitors because the surroundings of the theme park were highly influenced by the American culture and that was something which was not readily acceptable by the European people. The Euro Disneyland was a first Disneyland which had begun outside the United States of America. In the starting years, the company faced huge financial losses in Europe because Disney was always seen as a symbol of American culture. One of the controversies was related to the word “EURO”, while in America “Euro” is considered a word which denotes fun and excitement but in Europe Euro it is the name of the currency which led to confusion.

The paramount of Euro Disneyland Paris

It explores a thrilling ride full of pleasure, treasure and leisure. One cannot resist by entering the magical world of Disney and while entering you will be finding yourselves getting enthralled by more than 50 attractions which holds a diversity of excitement in the form of Discovery land, Adventure land, Fantasy Land, Frontier land and the most fascinating attraction is the Disney village which is an ideal place for visitors to indulge in shopping, entertainment and food. It has a golf course, railway station, more than 7 grand hotels, Castles,4 permanent Stage Shows , Space Mountains and no wonder if you see your favorite Disney character while crossing the road in Disneyland Paris. The total area covered of Euro Disneyland Paris is 4,800 acres. A fully functional and free bus service is provided to all the visitors even during the night hours giving them the flexibility to roam around without walking for long distances.

The ambience of Euro Disneyland Paris

Euro Disneyland Paris, from the last few years has been focusing on certain issues related to the care aspect of our eco-friendly environment which are mainly listed as waste management by recycling 39% of the daily waste, Protection of Flora and Fauna to endow with the green ambience, Reducing energy consumption by buying 15 % of energy through renewable sources and preserving the land water quality by opting measures and techniques in the park. 15th April of every year is celebrated as “Earth Day” in Euro Disneyland Paris.

Gradually, it has become a finest tourist destination in Europe over a period of time. If you really want to add an extra dosage of excitement in your life then this is the best place to plan your family holidays. So, don’t make yourself wait to experience the ecstasy of multicultural grand palace and book a ticket to Paris for the incredible journey.

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