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Decisions we take & choices we make.

Life has never been simple and relationships make it yet more difficult. People come and go, years pass by in this confusing mundane chores. We experience both good and bad times in this interesting journey.

Through all these ups and downs, we understand at least one thing that each person in our life makes us learn something new. We make choice of people or things all the while knowing that nothing will remain with us forever. Forever is typically a vague word, we want everything for the so called “forever” time frame knowing well that everything in this world is temporary.

Mostly, our decisions are taken in the influence of emotional or societal elements with no space for the self love. This leads to the lack of self opinion in our own decisions or choices. We fear that people may call us selfish or detest us, however one needs to understand that one is unable to spread love without loving themselves first (forget about the inhuman self centered folks).

Verily, life cannot always offer us what we plan or desire but we do have options available to take the most apt decisions that are not influenced by any other force except our own intuitions or inner voice. We can always make the favorable choices that are not harming others as well as somehow help us ahead in the journey. Often we complain being puppets of time and situations while forgetting that we must take charge before it’s too late. Time flies and moments go by. We can’t cover every stake or live everything playing everyone.

So make choices of the moments you wish to live before your loved ones would place flowers on your grave. Almighty is a better planner, delegating us the power providing us brain too. That is the distinction He has provided without animals that live in the same earth aimlessly without any sense.

We have things in our hands till the time we believe on ourselves and feel that we are capable of making the awesome choices and wise decisions. Lack of courage leads us being the puppet. Experience is an exciting gift and we can’t ignore how influential it can be, when it comes to making choices or taking decisions for ourselves.

So, trust your journey, trust your inner voice.

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