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Creation is the sign of life

it simply means if you are not creating anything then you are becoming extinct…!!!

Every time when i put on the TV or take any of the newspaper i hardly able to find any pleasant news out there…and when i see people watching soap operas this thing always makes me feel a kind of anger within me on why someone can be that stupid to watch that idiot box every day 24/7….and I couldn’t figure out that why these show makers always exhibits women as a stupid element in their daily dose…then i come to know that they are creating Mass appeal by only triggering public’s emotions and feelings.

This is the creation of their own kind…whole difference is laying on the fact that Creating truth and Creating Fake things are completely different just like sky is different from the ground…..

Creation gives meaning to our life…it will boast up our performance and one can easily see a closer view to the Life….

Life is very hard to those who don’t know how to live it and very exciting for those who have mastered the art of living….My agenda from now is to live life by understanding its shortcoming and by acting on the situation creatively….Like by understanding the situation then act precisely according to the need of the situation…

Creative person is a person who can handle every aspect of life creatively and show response accordingly to the situation by using his/her intellect…creative person can’t afford to be lost….and don’t even always open for every kind of information from the outside world. Creative person has to develop a habit of using his/her intellect every time and in every situation.

Creation brings the change within a person and makes them able to give quality performance….

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