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Creation is a Mystery

Don’t you think that the “Title” sounds interesting and at the same time a bit confusing, because it let in a word Mystery in it, how a creation can be a mystery …??

Now let me unveil the enigma of the word “Mystery”,it has two vocal sounds first is Mist which means fog or cloud and the other is history ….!!! So, c’mon lets ax the clouds of pitchy darkness and unveil the Creation.

I have seen many people, who have a big check list of the goals which they want to achieve in life but the biggest folly is that they don’t know how to reach their goals .They are forgetting the importance of path but wants to create a history. Creation is a mystery, if you resolve the mystery then you get a legend and a masterpiece. Let me cite an evoking instance of this, all of them is well aware of the fact that Expertise would never come over a night. Again there is a mystery in the word “Expertise”, there are two vocal sounds i.e., Experience and Practice….!!! So, Expertise would never come without Experience and Practice. …Isn’t amazing, just like this, if you are able to solve the mystery then you can be able to create a history. Thence, there is always a reason behind everything in life and if once you are able to figure out that reason then you can create a masterpiece.

You need to focus on each successive steps of the process of creation and then accomplish every step with perfection i.e. perfect + action. Creation needs ideas and wholehearted implementation of these ideas into a fruitful framework rather than a destructive one…!!!

Someone has remarkably said that “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”, so concentrate over your actions rather than dreaming about the effects. If you put your complete efforts then the effects will automatically come. Keep on track of the things and efforts which you are putting to gain deadly results, because pointless actions are not required in a creation process. This makes a difference, and to separate yourself with the rat race, you need to develop that difference.

For instance, if a cook is not putting the proper ingredients in his creation of a recipe but he is wasting his time in dreaming about the taste of the recipe, then it won’t bring him a good result. So, it simply means that you do not need to bother about the result; effects will automatically come if you give attention to your actions.

Creativity never comes from negativity….!!!!

This means that pilfering and cheating never helps you to make yourself a creative person. Creative people have ethics in life that’s why creative persons are different because they see the life in a different way. They never get carried away by fake things. So, don’t behave like a “Me Too” class, create your own thought. Dreaming and believing never helps you to fetch the fruitful results, creation needs action. And action needs dedication. Dedication comes when you start responding according to your brain rather than your mind.

When you get paid for your creativity then you will realize the real spark in life.

Don’t get muddled, there is an answer of your every question. So, start toiling instead of spoiling. Never get annoyed of your failings and learn to ax them. Nobody can reach on Top straight; there is a perpetual voyage behind every legend.

In the process of creation you will be meeting with many mistakes and errors but you need to order i.e. organizing your errors and learn from your mistakes. This will take you to the journey of wisdom…bit by bit you will start enjoy it…..!!!

And then you begin creating …..!!!

Enigma unveiled…….!!!!

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