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Confliction with the truth

I am giving this title to my write up ,because now days it’s become a fashion…..I put the word “fashion’’ because it is growing in importance for instance like saying and favoring false is in fashion now. Now-a-days many people have conflicts with the truth…!!!

You know what; the most terrible truth is..??? Nobody wants to face the truth in life…

Today people have started falling in love with fake stuff….they have a huge list of things which they like or dislike, but don’t even bother to aware about the real world, because they are so busy in holding unto their self centered image.

These types of people have usually shrunk their world into small scraps. That’s why, they are unable to face the truth because they are living in a “make belief world”, and they are not even honest to themselves. So, how can you expect them to be honest to anyone else in the world…..? Utterly a big NO…!!!

To unveil the truth you should first empower yourself with wisdom or knowledge, only a person who is well aware, can discover the path of truth….when there is lack of wisdom in you ,then you start lying to yourself .so stop lying and start establishing your relationship with the truth and stay away from the fake things and unnatural things.

Truth is natural….!!!

Let me tell you something interesting about the word TRUTH.

There are two vocal sounds in this one word i.e , true and oath, if we combine, we get truth. “Oath of favoring true” …isn’t amazing…!!! Ohh it is my personal discovery but meaningful.

Facing up the truth is as much as difficult to say the truth. Believe me, if you tell a person a real truth about his/her personality then you will soon realize that he/she might get annoyed of you. And also it is a best way to judge the people.

Now days people believe in faux because they are already being addicted to hoax…..!!!

Those people who have discovered the path of truth are achievers because they are not coward they live in a real world they don’t give a damn shit to fake things, fakeness is for cowards. Truth is courage ….!!!

I solely and wholely dedicated my article to my rage against the lingering death of truth.

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