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Change Otherwise

We must not stop… must not expect… a positive change when we cannot change our own approach.

And approach will eventually change when we start taking criticism positively and fine tune our energy areas. In life, we get to meet very less set of people who can correctly mark-up our errors in personal and that’s the way we learn, grow and understand. Everyone has negatives like you do, that doesn’t make you a lesser human…life is all about creating yourself. So, never settle for less and exceed your own expectations from yourself.

Trust me, world is heaven for those who know how to make it. Live happy! since frustrated people are occupying the larger density of our planet… You don’t want to be one of them, of course.

keep moving, changing and sailing! Need not to worry…Rest is just our thoughts that distract us from our goals. Set your goals high and live with the happiness of achieving them one by one.

Days of glory will be here soon when you’ll enjoy the state of tranquility. Don’t ever fear of making it a risky ride, comfort zone is a friend of those who fear and unable to understand what life is all about . Leave you perceptions as you can never know how bumpy the ride can be…But the destination will always be worth taking all the risks in life. Failures don’t happen with strong people, weak people just happen with failures.

Be an inspiration in life… And let people know you by your success… Success comes at us quickly when we have hopes in our hearts and goals on our mind. It demands consistent passion and focus at the bull’s eye. Ultimately, there is nothing that can stop a starving tiger to haunt for himself… All I have to say is to be a tiger not the hunt. #RandomThoughts

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