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Beauty of Journey

The beauty of life is to love no matter if you’re not receiving anything in return. The beauty of morning is to smile no matter how hard you cried last night. The beauty of love is to trust no matter how many times it has been broken.

The beauty of night is to have the patience that darkness will fade away no matter for how long you have been waiting. The beauty of success is to stay enthusiastic no matter how many times you have been failed. The beauty of words is to express with calmness in your eyes no matter how many times you have been misunderstood. The beauty of silence is to understand the unsaid words no matter how deeply it hurts. The beauty of giving is to give with love no matter how many times you have been ill-treated by others. The beauty of patience is to have the faith no matter how many times you have been disappointed. The beauty of kindness is to remind yourself everyday to be kind no matter if people are not kind to you. The beauty of dreams is to remember that you have miles to walk no matter if it means that you do it alone. We have come so far in search of beauty, in search of dreams and in search of heaven, while forgetting that nor on the surface of the earth neither in the depths of the sky, a change is at hand.

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