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An abandoned sadness…

In the search of life, I have come so close to deathwhen I thought of this, I got nervous, where have I come I was going on a journey, which had no destinationsWhat I did tried all my life, but was not successful In search of one happiness, how many sorrows have writhed meWhen I thought of this, I got scared, where have I ended up

Above words are singing notes of a young lady who are presently in Karachi, Pakistan enduring her days at a place that has been disunited with the outer world. It’s a tale of people, who are abandoned in darkness while we all can apprise the daylight. Some of the old age people have their closed ones outside these square holes windows or closed doors, but the outside world which we consider society is utterly shrewd to them. In these rooms resided elderly women, victims of mental illness, children missing from their families and victims of domestic violence.

From distant rooms came echoes of children reciting the Koran, a voice of a woman hypnotically praying to God, dispersed sounds of murmuring, humming, wailing, crying mixed-up with giggling, all fractured by the noise of iron door hinges and grinding wheelchairs. Inspired by the cover story – “Suffering in Silence” published in Reuters by Akhtar Soomro, Karachi, Pakistan, who has experienced this place and clicked photographs. I din’t share the photographs for a specific reason, you can visit the link to see the pictures on photography blog of Reuters.

The world is a place where we are born to find both evil and good and die in vain, as a part of the society if everyone take up a stand against injustice or contribute his/her share then eventually we can make world a better place to sustain for others as well.

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