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The unique name of my this short write up is itself depicts the message in it ,because now days everyone is becoming self centric and obsessed by one self , the moment i am done with this i have realized that it coincidently starts with-self and also ends up with the same unique word self…

Self up gradation is the law of mankind , and those who deny this very fact will destroy soon…Nobody has come to the universe with surety of living a good life…We have to struggle for a good life…making amendment , introducing new ventures , initiating new strategies , enterprising your inner self , innovating the wind around…..Life is all about making changes within one self …Life is all about making yourself better and better each time and in every way .Going further in life is the act of realizing things in life which you haven’t acquainted in the past.

Solution to the pain of human being Why we always remember god in bad times, why we always bribe the god by offering special religious efforts …God made us ….God made the ways, God gave us the brain …Then why we keep yelling & screaming all the time..We need to ….search for a solution which has the right way of execution…

Execution always need to deal with caution…No fear can overrule you, If you have already won the war with your inner self. Self need to be strong; otherwise you will always whack down with this Self….!!

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