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Wearable Computing – An extension to human mind

Today, i have brought something new to readers that has been a latest buzz in the spectrum of Technology. I believe that technology is a field where if creativity gets infused then wonders would happen…

To kick start your world of visual imaginations, here’s a radical concept of “Wearable Computing”, which is incepted to bring on an unstoppable computing for the next generation people. As the name says it all – “Wearable”, this simply means something suitable for wear or able to be worn. A “Wearable Computing” is thus a device that can be worn on user’s skin, wrist, arms and eyes. These devices are equipped with sensors and tools, which lets them function in a highly responsive, engaging and intelligent way within the physical environment.

Moreover, such devices are also known as body-borne computers or sensory devices, as they can coherently read through your expressions of emotion such as a grin or a smile, an angry gesture, a strained voice or a change in nervous system or a change in heartbeat to function accordingly. In the present age, Smartwatches and Google glasses are the major prototypes in the realm of wearable computing. On the other hand, the augmented usability of such devices can be delivered in the form of applications as wayfinding, ECG (Electrocardiogram) recorder and Personal Safety Devices (PSDs).

The major intuitive benefits of Wearable Computing may include:

  1. Extremely Portable: Unlike other conventional computing devices, Wearable Computing devices are light in weight and easy to carry.

  2. Consistency: It promotes continuous exchange of messages between the device and user to ensure effectiveness.

  3. Multi-tasking: User can perform multi-tasking, while using the wearable computing device.

  4. Data-tracker: It’s feasible to track or access important data through a wearable computing device.

There are lot of other benefits of this innovative technology which are making it more compelling and up to standard for today’s tech-savvy generation. Indeed, the computing has come of age with the dawn of wearable computing technology.

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