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The Countdown Begins: Who will be the next PM of India?

As elections are knocking the doors, the talks about the next PM are even more stirring up in media and common people are keeping their hopes high this time. This election is seeing as a turning point in Indian politics by the diplomats of major countries.

Growth and development are among the ambiguous agendas political parties have been adopting to fetch votes since ages. The constant scams and vague promises triggered by the UPA and NDA have now eventually given fodder to a secular front “Aam Aadmi Party”. Still the dilemma is “Is AAP capable of giving India its next PM?” This question remains a question for the voters that apart from the Lokpal bill memo, Aam Aadmi Party has nothing to talk about to lure votes from the innocent common Indian population, who has been fed up with the massive inflation followed up by big bang scams of 3G spectrum and CWG.

I believe who so ever would take the charge should have the knowledge of ground reality as well as not been unaware of the state-level political situations that keep changing on the basis of religious biasness. Youth thinking should rule the league with a much broader intellectual approach that would work democratically in line with the dreams and demands of common Indian people. When seeing the present scenario only one name flashes across my mind – Rahul Gandhi (RG). Despite the fact that he has been adopting a naïve approach towards his saying in press conferences till date, however he still has the spark and genes of a ruler’s family. A clean image and education are the parameters that have been skipped whenever we dream our next PM. He happens to justify both fairly. The truth is that the only politicians in our country who actually act on the basis of principles are a few deranged souls on the extreme right and the extreme left. Not a single mainstream politician in this country cares about principles. When they claim to espouse principles, they do so as a tactical ploy of the moment. As the moment changes, their principles change.

One more glitches I feel we have in our system is the blame-game. We can’t blame the congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) entirely as we have been also witnessing the influential affects laid by NDA and UPA from the last two decades that again is a joint venture of small parties who support and the left parties. These have been the unavoidable manipulating factors in the development of growth policies and legal matters. I have been heard this that we should vote for the candidate not for the party but again no one is going to conjecture who will be running the country and the system at the end. This unstable situation demands more transparency in the system and clear objectives committed by the political parties. (That’s again not possible in this immoral game called Indian politics)

The coming year may be the year of significant changes in the Indian politics. Even anticipating strategies of restless diplomats for 2014 can feel staggering.

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