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Stories Beyond Ordinary

Stories that begin from beautifying a rose in her braid to placing a rose at her grave are beyond ordinary… Love has a language that never perish but just evolve with time. Certainly, it never fades with age, distances and differences. It is like those silent lullabies that whispers in the night at the hearts. In the old days, roses considered to have a mesmerizing nexus with love, may be because their fragrance din’t die even if they are dried. It just changes a bit and smells differently. Unfortunately, in the new era when everything included love has been seized to minimalistic emotions, feelings and ways. Certainly, time has really changed and now even “always” does not mean “with or by all my ways”. People have started to keep options like they are maintaining their professional life, they also started to maintain their personal life while forgetting the quintessence of togetherness which simply explains “the magic of love” – that needs not to be maintained but demands to be felt. People has to travel a long way that love is not the amount of conversations we share but the smiles we bring in to someone else’s life. It’s not finding the reasons to stick with each other but the beautiful seasons spent in the longing.

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