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Relistening – Dasht-e-tanhaai

While listening to Pakistan Coke Studio today! I’ve came across the soulful voice of “Meesha Shafi“, so thought of sharing this video with my readers. I feel that she has a mystic voice that made justice to this composition of Faiz Ahmad Faiz incredibly in a scenic way. Faiz Ahmad Faiz was one of the most influential and famous poets during the time of independence. He was, in fact, greatly inspired by Sufism and in his work, a Sufism tinge can be felt.

The lyrics is indeed an epitome of Urdu Ghazal that elicits thoughts, desires and distractions in a flow. I believe that poet has embraced a simplest approach to elaborate the lame truth of solitude and deciphering the temptations of a human being. His expressive style was rare and intellectual.

So, have a cup of coffee or tea, whichever relaxes you and enjoy the song… 🙂 comments are appreciated.

dasht-e-tanhaai mein, ai jaan-e-jahaan, larzaan hain

In the desert of my solitude, oh love of my life, quiver

teri avaaz ke saaye,

the shadows of your voice,

tere honthon ke saraab

the mirage of your lips

dasht-e-tanhaai mein,

In the desert of my solitude,

duri ke khas-o-khaak tale

beneath the dust and ashes of distance

khil rahe hain tere pehlu ke saman aur gulaab

bloom the jasmines and roses of your proximity

uht rahi hai kahin qurbat se

From somewhere very close,

teri saans ki aanch

rises the warmth of your breath

apani khushbuu mein sulagti hui

smouldering in its own aroma,

maddham maddham

slowly, bit by bit.

dur ufaq par chamakati hui

far away, across the horizon, glistens

qatra qatra

drop by drop

gir rahi hai teri dil daar nazar ki shabnam

the falling dew of your beguiling glance

is qadar pyaar se hai jaan-e jahaan rakkhaa hai

With such tenderness, O love of my life,

dil ke rukhsaar pe

on the cheek of my heart,

is vaqt teri yaad ne haath

has your memory placed its hand right now

yun guman hota hai

that it looks as if

garche hai abhi subah-e-firaaq

(though it’s still the dawn of adieu)

dhal gaya hijr ka din

the sun of separation has set

aa bhi gaye vasl ki raat

and the night of union has arrived.

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