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Her Beauty Undefined

And people take time to understand that beauty is not what eyes can see but what the heart can feel. Beauty is not her big eyes but the big dreams she has in her eyes. It’s not the rose petal shaped lips she has but the unconditional prayers she whispers every night.

Her beauty is not the ornaments she wears, but the smiles she spreads. Her grace is often misinterpreted and even not been explained.

“To Love, to endure & to give” is what she has learnt throughout her life. That’s the beauty she reflects in her aura.

Beauty is the inner peace, she bestows to those she loves. Beauty lies in her embrace, not in her figure she carries. Beauty is not how she walks but is how wisely she takes the steps.

It’s the difference she brings in every time. It’s the sacrifices she makes to settle in. It’s the unconditional love she offers.

Her beauty is not her tender voice but the words she doesn’t say aloud in crowd. Beauty is her endurance, her patience and her prayers that are divinely reflected in her soul not in her personality.

And the tornado inside her mind turns into a calm sea when her man sees the true beauty within that never fades for years to come.

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